Upcoming Trips

Limerick, Ireland

Carleton Varney’s Ireland: Private Places, Friendly Faces

July 21-29, 2017

Optional Prelude to Cork: July 19-22

Optional Postlude aboard the Belmond Grand Hibernian Train: July 29-31

Explore Ireland through the eyes of Carleton Varney, with exclusive visits, to private estates and castles in the countryside, including dinner at his own 18th-century Georgian property, Shannongrove House. Many of these visits are not accessible to the public. Step back in time with an intimate, once-in-a-lifetime stay at the country house hotel, Ballyfin. Designed by the great Irish architects, Sir Richard and William Morrison in the 1820s, Ballyfin is admired as the most lavish Regency mansion in Ireland. This 5-star hotel has just 20 rooms and is only open to hotel guests.

Land arrangements for Main Trip from $8,999/person double occupancy; Optional Prelude to Cork from $1,599; Optional Train Postlude from $3,899


The Netherlands: Old and New Masters

with Rachel Delphia, Carnegie Museum of Art Curator of Decorative Arts & Design
October 7-15, 2017

Explore groundbreaking architecture and artistic masterpieces in one of the most unexpectedly magnificent places in the world: The Netherlands. See the true marvels of The Netherlands through the eyes of renowned experts. Headquartered at a 5-star hotel in the heart of Amsterdam minutes away from museums, preview design exhibitions and stroll through centuries of artistic achievements. Delve into the stunning artwork of the old Dutch Masters and discover the innovative creations of contemporary artists. Privately tour the Palace Het Loo. Get up close and personal with the evolution of Dutch art and industrial design, from the Golden Age to the transformative De Stijl (Dutch for ‘The Style’). Have lunch at the historic Peace Palace and unearth Andrew Carnegie’s special connection. Carnegie Museum of Art’s very own Curator of Decorative Arts and Design, Rachel Delphia, will accompany travelers on this once-in-a-lifetime adventure through time and human ingenuity.

Land arrangements from $8,299/person double occupancy, $9,699 single occupancy.
Pushkar, India

Royal Rajasthan: Land of Maharajas

October 30 – November 11, 2017

Optional Prelude to Pushkar: October 27-31

Option Postlude to Mumbai: November 11-13

The Royal Rajasthan: Land of Maharajas can be simply understood as the “Land of Kings.” With dramatic terrain, inspiring culture, breathtaking monuments, and miraculous arts, crafts and architecture—India has a way of leaving travelers in awe. Indeed, the “Land of Kings” is a moniker that’s well deserved.

Join Carnegie Museums as we embark on a journey through timeless arts—where everyday crafts are transformed by rustic innovation and aesthetic ornamentation, and royal palaces bear labyrinthine decoration and colorful façades. Observe local craftsman create paintings on water, known as Jal Sanjhi, and embroidered designs that are so intricate, they can never be replicated. Explore the largest Cattle Fair in the world, and tour brilliantly metropolitan landscapes alongside the ruins of historic empires, palaces and temples. Experience the vast, imposing beauty of India.

Land arrangements for Main Trip from $9,999/person double occupancy, $15,600 single occupancy; Optional Prelude to Pushkar from $1,999 double occupancy, $2,400 single occupancy; Optional Postlude to Mumbai from $1,499 double occupancy, $1,700 single occupancy.


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