Some Updates!


Since we’re in the midst of updating and reorganizing our blog–it seemed like a good idea to give some quick notes about what we’ve done so far!

We’ve updated information in our “Home” drop down menu, including some fun little InfoGraphics (made with Piktochart) that give a run down about the Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh and the Travel Program. There’s also a page that will redirect to where you can formally “Request More Information” at, and be added to our mailing list–whether you’d prefer snail mail or email. Once you’re added to our mailing list, we mail you important things like itineraries. As we get closer to a trip’s departure date, we’ll send other documents like deposit forms, terms and conditions, an insurance brochure, and more. You’ll also receive other mailings from our Travel Program so that you stay in the loop and always have up-to-date information.

We’re also in the process of back-logging some of our older trips, to help anyone that visits this blog get an idea about what we do and the kind of experiences our travelers have.

We have a page up that’s dedicated to highlighting our upcoming trips, and some itinerary highlights from two trips from 2015–Morocco and Russia.

On the “Photo Albums” drop down, you’ll find a collection from our 2016 trips to India and the South of France as well as two of our 2015 trips to Russia and Morocco. Soon, we’ll update trip itinerary highlights for France and India as well as (fingers crossed!) Zurich.

This year, we’ve had a successful trip to South East Asia back in February, with destinations including Thailand, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. We’re in the process of making a physical photobook for our travelers so that they have a special keepsake to remember our adventure. Once that’s completed, we can start to update the blog with itinerary highlights and photos.

Thanks for checking out our blog and keep an eye out for new content on our global journeys.



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